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The text on this website is to be considered as general information/medical advice.  Medical advice on induvidual basis will not be given, but in discussion the author will address questions on general terms.

If you have any concerns for your own health, consult with your doctor.

If you want to reprint or republish a post from this site then you are welcome to do so as long as you include an attribution and a link to my site.

Affiliate link disclosure: I do use some affiliate links on doctorbjornsson.com.  What this means is that when I link to Amazon.com, Clickbank.com or some other third party vendor, I do get a commission for referred sales.

However, I never write articles for the sole intention of inserting affiliate links and I only recommend information and/or products that I would use myself and are in harmony with my ethical values as a medical doctor.

Earned commissions go towards supporting this website.

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