10 Reasons to Exercise and Be Physically Active – Number 4 on the list is ?

10 Reasons to Exercise and Be Physically Active – Number 4 on the list is ?

Stress !  Yes, we are all stressed, it is a natural feeling aimed at protecting us from danger and prepare us for fight og flight. Research has shown exercise to be a stress reliever.

There are many reasons to explain why. One includes the fact that exercise increases the hormone epinephrine, another name for adrenaline. This hormone is responsible for an increase in blood flow, which carries more oxygen to the brain, thus making you more alert. Being more alert and aware of your surroundings helps you to deal with stress effectively. Also, exercise stimulates the release of other hormones called endorphins, or the “feel good hormones.” These help to improve mood and feelings.

Many people find that they feel better after a stressful day if they exercise.  A good friend of mine Dr. Ólafur Ævarsson a psychiatrist has runs a good blog on stress related issues.

5 Comments to 10 Reasons to Exercise and Be Physically Active – Number 4 on the list is ?

  1. Arni Zophoniasson

    This is good – personal, short, informative. I am likely to read stuff like this on a regular bases. The next challenge is to find way to integrate stories about golf, fishing, fast cars and other stuff real man really like…..

    • Thank you Arni for this comment, I can assure my readers that as this blog ripens there will be more information for grown up boys :=))

  2. Ólafur Þór Ævarsson

    Thank you Dr. Björnsson for commenting on my blog on stress. I agree very much with Arni Zophaniasson in his comment 28th March on your health blog. And I would like to encourage you to focus on men´s health because information and health propaganda for men is needed and has important preventive value.

    • Yes stress is a major factor in our health / lifestyle decisions so keep up the good work, looking forward to more interesting posts on stress. Keep it up ! :=))

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