10 reasons to Exercise and Be Physically Active – at last but not least Nr. 10

10 reasons to Exercise and Be Physically Active - at last but not least Nr. 10

Increase your muscle (lean) body mass !

Im often asked – Doc !  - how can I reduce my body fat?

Relaxing is fine,

exercising is good,

increasing muscle mass is better.

Your body and hormone system is built to be on the move and not sitting in front of the TV drinking beer.  Increasing lean mass is important because it reduces your body fat and increases your metabolic rate.

If you move your behind (perform cardiovascular exercise) most days of the week and lift (resistance exercises) only 2-4 days of the week, you will increase muscle mass while decreasing fat mass!

Less fat means less load on the body,better blood sugar control, less risk for the heart and better health in general.

So get out of that chair right now and walk the stairs, take a walk, swim, bike, just anything will do……..


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Doctor Björnsson
Dr. Gudmundur Björnsson is an icelandic physician, a specialist in medical rehabilitation, a certified independent medical examineer (CIME) and an MBA. He now runs his own company as a medical advisor mostly in insurance medicine. He has previously been a head of a rehabilitation clinic and president IMA. read more

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